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Of Blogging Plans


After talking about my lack of inspiration this month, and lack of direction with this blog in general, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. Well, this blog is mostly in my hands, but you know what I mean. If content is king, it’s time that I profess my rights as the queen of it. Okay, that sounds quite sexually adventurous, but I will still stick by this metaphor. If it takes the vanity of proclaiming myself a queen to bring some rhythm to this blog, then so be it. “Off with his head!” for anyone who disobeys me.

My blogging mantra has been to, essentially, blog as often as I can. If I try to draw up an average rate of publishing, it is about every alternate day. Which is fine if I can stick by it. I am slowly drawing a readership that likes to come back for more when I post something. Which is very, very flattering. But being a regular blog reader as well, I have come to grasp a few aspects of what makes a good blog. Which, really, is a blog that simply gets read, ideally for what it has to offer rather than due to some manic marketing scheme. These are my blogging plans based on these observations:

1. Post on every Monday and Friday – I usually write more often than that, but it is hard work. I write when I get inspired and I publish immediately as well. Writing less, but consistently, means that I can revise and polish what I write better rather than simply keep posting in order to keep this blog going. Of course, I can post on other days too, but making two days of the week mandatory means there will be a sense of regularity. Also, I can work on the posts on other days and save them as drafts, rather than publish them in the spur of the moment only to discover a host of grammatical mistakes afterwards.

2. Sunday Quotes – I’ve been making extracts of what I read for years. I once shared one by Brecht on a Sunday and even if it did not carry any fancy artwork, or wasn’t even a one-line, catchphrase type of thing, it seemed to do well. It will be exciting and different to share quotes of what I have been reading or revisit an extract from years ago.

3. 5-a-day – Yes, just like fruit and veggies, read at least 5 blogs in a day. Can be people I subscribe to, or from tags or from Freshly Pressed.

4. Revise old posts – Which means correct the grammatical and other mistakes, categorize and tag them properly.

5. Try to write posts within 500 words – This one is very, very tough for me. I am old enough to admit that I talk too much, write too much, think too much and do all of the above, too fast. I am not one for flowery language or repetition, but the excess wording just happens. However, less than 500 just seems like a good number for getting people interested. I, often, feel too lazy to read something that has over 700 words even if I am intrigued by the title and opening line. Heck, I am listing things in this one and even here it has crossed the 500 word threshold.

6. Go check out blogs that have checked out mine – I do, do this. I am curious to know something about the people who found my post useful. But, I guess I was too shy to actually drop them a line before. The Daily Post has often talked about how this kind of courtesy is important. Even if I end up following their blogs, I don’t always communicate. Which defeats the whole purpose of what I am doing here.

7. Extend that courtesy to those who check out my blog regularly – I don’t always read all the posts of people I am subscribed to. They just pile up and even if they look interesting, I just procrastinate and eventually do not read them. I think this must be common behaviour among most because there are just too many interesting blogs to read and not enough time. Thus, it is amazing when there are people who actually, regularly, read my blog.

8. Try to follow up on The Daily Post activities – Sometimes there are things that The Daily Post suggests that I simply can’t get bothered about. But often, they do spark some blogging interest but I am usually too late in fulfilling them. However, these activities are a great way of getting your blog read and finding new blogs.

Well, they all look fairly realizable plans. I am amazed at myself for drawing up a list that doesn’t scare the hell out of me by the end of it. Usually, my lists are more military. Ah, that is a good day’s blog done. I’ll go take a nap.

Hope I can stick by these. And if I don’t…well, we’ll surely know soon enough.


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10 thoughts on “Of Blogging Plans

  1. I’ve started doing #3 and #7 more often. I oftentimes would make excuses that, because I am writing, I can’t spend that much time reading other peoples’ blogs and commenting on them.

    Which is pure rubbish, of course. There’s always time to cut out of fooling around and social media to give feedback and reciprocate kindness. Thanks for a refreshing list to read!



  2. Generally i agree with you, however some more suggestions
    Try to make your blog a monument in cyber space – where all your ideas get built brick by brick
    A monument to which people will come even when you dont add any more bricks on a day
    Therefore the monument must have architecture – i mean a theme to which you must adhere at all times – or close to it
    illustrate your blog from the internet, always giving credit to the .com from which it has been taken
    Thus you will find the illustrations attracting search engines to your blog
    design each post like an artist desigmns his canvas
    that is enough for now
    and finally be a perfectionist who wishes his ideas to go across the world

  3. Good luck in your quest, I am also feeling particularly uninspired at the moment too but have stagnated on what to actually do about it.

  4. Great post. This is an excellent list to work from. Plus, guidelines will give you something to fall back on when things get crazy/confusing from all the traffic your blog is bound to receive. Keep up the great work.

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