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Of Perspective


Is perspective simply another perspective on opinions? When we use the word in a non-graphical sense and apply it to something verbal or philosophical, are we simply not stating our opinions? And if that really is the case, why do opinions get a bad name and not perspectives? Would someone even consider calling a non-visual blog “Of Perspectives” instead of something like, say, “Of Opinions”? To quote Rachel Green from Friends, “however” is a “fancy but”. Therefore, is perspective simply a fancy word for opinion?

We are more guilty and ebullient with opinions than we like to thing we are. Heck, I run an opinion and culture blog and I like to believe that I don’t do much of either here. But, the question is, why do we feel guilty about having opinions? Is it because it is so commonplace, so inciting, so much in profusion that the only opinions that really matter are the ones which somehow get heard more than the others? But that does not mean the ones which don’t should not have any value, does it? Are opinions, individual human ideas about life, only another form of competition, of being in a much larger rat race that does not only include careerists?

So, if opinions is a dirty word, why does perspective get away without a scratch? Especially when it is only perspective that can explain what opinions are? Opinions are a way of looking at things. Anything, from any angle, side or contour. Opinions are only the varied perspectives you can have about a concept, whether in politics, religion or in the banal, such as food from KFC. Perspectives are when an idea is simply in the realm of the abstract. When an idea is an idea is an idea and that is all it is, an idea. With opinions, however, those ideas assume a morality and an enforcement, an energy that causes it to bounce against other ideas, other opinions as if it were a nuclear tussle that could potentially result in a new big bang, even if it is about something like a World Cup football/soccer match.

And yet, opinions, the tougher, darker alter-ego of perspectives, are preferable to having only perspectives. Because, opinions had and have the potential to change the world. You need ideas to effect change. There is no point being precious with them, letting them rot only in the realm of the abstract. They have to do something. Whether it is in a blog, a movie, a political rally, or a tea shop, an opinion, somewhere out there, dirty as it may be, can make a difference.


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