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Of Gravity


Is gravity a matter of perspective? Instead of imagining gravity as what is responsible for pulling us down instead of flying off and out of the atmosphere, what if we saw gravity the other way round? What if we imagined gravity as pulling us towards an earthy ceiling, keeping us from falling down into space? Are dreams of falling more frequent than that of flying? I don’t know if their frequency has ever been measured against each other but I am sure that their interpretation is starkly opposite. To dream of falling is to be anxious of failure, to fly while dreaming is to feel free. So, should we be thankful that the earth is right side up?

What if we could escape gravity? Just for a moment we are let go by the earth’s gravitational force to freely be suspended in air? To feel, as astronauts are made to do after a lot of expense and training, zero gravity?Imagine swimming in air. Imagine not having to feel the thrust of walking or running on your knees. Imagine being able to whirl around like children do, or imagine themselves doing because they do not understand gravity yet. Imagine gravitational forces being suspended forever, as well as the negligible need for oxygen(we are imagining after all) and having the choice to float in air to wherever you like? Where would you go? I’ve heard we’ve had waste management issues in outer space as well. And obviously there are very many heated heavenly bodies and various gases we’d rather not smell. Shouldn’t the idea of floating in space be comforting? Or are we too far gone in the rational to only imagine life in space in heavy suits?

Imagine if you didn’t even have to leave the earth. If you could float to any country you like, where would you go? Would you go to lands that are forgotten, lands that have never been explored? Would you visit your far away home that you left behind, or Paris or maybe conduct your own search for the missing Malaysian Boeing? Remember, you cannot touch the ground. You can fly to a mountain but you cannot sit on its peak. You look down from your 23 storey office building all the time. Is it different now? Does the world appear different now that you have no gravity to ground you?

Is gravity a metaphor for roots? We spend our growing years trying to break free from our roots in order to fly. We spend the rest of our lives trying to get back. Is gravity that mediator between roots and freedom? Does gravity exist to tell us that while we may appreciate the free world above, there is a ground below that we need to stick to, a foundation we need to have to realize ourselves? Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or southern, gravity is with you. It is more common than the air you breathe, though less appreciated. When you fall, you break your pact with gravity only to be saved by it. Gravity wants to work with you. It wants to be there for you.

P.S. I have yet to see the Alfonso Cuaron film. Any similarities are purely coincidental. I’d love to find out his thoughts on the subject in future though.


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