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Of The Ability To Do Anything


I try to keep this blog as positive as possible even though the subjects are usually in the terrain where it is so easy to go over to the other side. My vision of positivity is not a lady meditating at sunrise on the sea beach. Neither it is a little girl holding a giant candy. To me, it is making the most of any situation. Learning your weaknesses and not exactly your strengths, but those abilities you find in yourself that help you get through. Strength to me is much greater than just being able to survive. For most of us who have the leisure to read and write blogs, life is kinder than we admit. Because we are so busy trying to maintain or better our circumstances, we try to label the effort put towards it as our strength. But to me, choosing the word ‘strength’ itself to define any act, would require that act to be more special than the challenges of the daily. Most of us are constantly trying to be more positive people. But positivity is not the elimination of the negative. It is the ability to make the choice of doing the harder but more constructive thing. It is so much easier to give up. It is so much harder to accept. It is the hardest to do something about it.

However, today’s blog is not about positivity or the dualities of life. The reason I talked about it is because I wanted to name this post “Of The (In)ability To Do Anything.” Yes, it would be a little clever, as I oh-so-often try to be. But, it would neither be helpful nor be true. I have always found inspirational quotes( “You can do anything if you put your mind to it” is the commonest and most effective one) of the “do anything” variety most inspiring. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to do everything. I have always been fascinated by life around me, about life that is promised through recorded media like books and television, about unknown stimulus that tease me in my imagination, asking me to know them. I am not a collector of knowledge or experience. In fact, I often forget because I find more to know. But it is never enough to know. Knowledge is nothing to you unless you make it personal. I can never know something until I’ve truly opened the pores of my emotions to make something mine, on loan until the next stimulus comes along. Of course, not everything is able to seep in, not many choose to stay for long. The ones that stick longer begin to form the shape of my personality. But, my personality is never a frozen, defined thing for the stimuli of commonalities to settle in, but they fade away, sometimes on their own volition and sometimes on mine.

When we think of doing something, it is not so much the actual, physical action of doing it that drives us, as it is the promise of satiation to our natural curiosity. Everyone wants to do everything, no matter how complacent they are with their situation in life.  The stimuli that we receive in our big, bad, modern world is criticized often as being stressful and unnatural. I think it is the opposite. We invented computers in the last century. We are scared it will take over us but we forget how easily we took to it. How easily new minds take to it everyday because it is the most natural thing to them. I am not going to question the morality or use of these actions. When the proposition is to “do anything”, then “anything” is a set of infinite number of actions with known and unknown consequences.

The ability or lack of doing anything, rather some things you want to do but can’t, comes from when we let this stimuli overpower us. When we are either greedy or scared of doing things we may or may not be capable of. And this is where you actually need something motivating you, something taking over you that is bigger than you. Something overwhelming. Something like love. By which I don’t mean personal love for someone else(though, if that is in your list of “things to do” it is perfectly fine) but a love that is patient and kind, that is drawn by the imagination and not ego, that wants to live life in the way that it chooses to, without letting any outside ideas dictate it. It is so much easier to live the life you want without trying to live up to external expectations and influences that cause fear more often than motivation. If there is truly something you want to do but can’t at this moment in your life, be patient and faithful to it. You have to live with the 50/50 certainty that it will or will not finally happen to you. You also have to be open to the satiety or disappointment for it. But if you love it enough, the aftermath won’t matter to you until you actually reach it.


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