Measles outbreak causes health hysteria

Measles outbreak causes health hysteria

Measles outbreak causes health hysteria

The City has worked aggressively to end this outbreak, and today's declaration of a public health emergency and new vaccine mandate, in combination with the blanket Commissioner's Orders for yeshivas, ensures we are using every tool to protect New Yorkers.

A public health emergency has been declared in NY in the U.S. due to a growing outbreak of measles.

Under de Blasio's emergency order, "All persons who reside, work or attend school in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York and to the parents and/or guardians of any child who resides, works or attends school in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York", must receive vaccinations or prove a medical exemption applies. Mr. Sussman told local NY media that he hoped to file a lawsuit by Friday. The Westchester County Department of Health is working with the families and health care providers to identify locations where the children may have exposed others. This is New York City Mayor de Blasio announcing the new measures Tuesday. Those who have not received the MMR vaccine or do not have evidence of immunity may be given a violation and could be fined $1,000.

Statistics have shown that objections to vaccines are not necessarily religious or medical, as many parents claim in trying to obtain exemptions from mandatory school vaccinations.

The city also warned that yeshiva religious schools and day care programmes serving the local Orthodox Jewish community would face penalties and possible closure if they keep taking in students who are not vaccinated against measles, which can cause severe diarrhea, pneumonia and vision loss and can potentially be fatal. This outbreak has the second greatest number of infected individuals since measles was eradicated in the country in the 2000s. Some of those who've succumbed to the illness have been purposely infected with the disease, as parents in parts of New York City have been hosting "measles parties" to help spread the illness from those already infected to those who haven't been vaccinated.

"This is a public health emergency", the Democratic mayor said. "It is safe, it is effective, it is time-tested".

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Latimer said people who have been vaccinated need not worry about contracting the virus. There are reports of handbooks targeting the Orthodox community, arguing vaccines are not kosher or misrepresenting the danger of measles.

"If people will simply cooperate quickly, nobody will have to pay a fine", de Blasio said. "It's a very small minority", said Dr. Jay Begun, a pediatrician in Williamsburg.

The health minister said that he would consult European Union colleagues on how to make vaccines compulsory following an increase in the number of measles and mumps cases.

In 27 years of practicing medicine, Ruppert said, this is "one of the most challenging health crises I have had to deal with".

Westchester officials say eight cases of measles have been confirmed in their county.

By the time the vaccines were administered, the measles outbreak in Philadelphia was subsiding - after nine children had died, including six from Faith Tabernacle.

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