See the first real pictures of a black hole revealed live

See the first real pictures of a black hole revealed live

See the first real pictures of a black hole revealed live

The world gets its first chance to see an image of a black hole Wednesday, according to an worldwide team of researchers from the Event Horizon Telescope project.

The Event Horizon Telescope had been designed for this specific objective of capturing the image of a black hole. And while its 55 million lightyears away, we now have a picture of what these phenomenons look like. And some likened the black hole to the image of the black hole sun in the video for the song.

The discovery opens up more questions for scientists to explore, including "some deep fundamental physics questions that still need to be solved", said Falcke.

What you're seeing in the image above is not technically the black hole itself - the singularity in the center is unobservable by any known means because signals can not return after crossing the event horizon boundary.

The event horizon is the boundary of a black hole from which even light can not escape.

Researchers claim the groundbreaking findings will help further support Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which was first announced in 1915.

"Years ago, we thought we would have to build a very large space telescope to image a black hole".

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The image of the black hole's event horizon, which is the outer edge of the collapsed star, shows a bright ring that is formed as light bends in the intense gravity around a black hole. But the most important part of this photo is where there is no light.

What do we see in the image? . It was there that they found a black hole about seven billion times more massive than the sun, unleashing a violent jet of energy some 5,000 light-years into space.

In essence, the EHT scientists photographed the shadow of the black hole cast by the accretion disc.

Astronomers believe that images of Sagittarius A, which is a black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, will show a lopsided ring of brightness due to the gravity bending light closer to the black hole.

Black holes are extremely dense pockets of matter with incredible mass and minuscule volume.

That's why the Event Horizon Telescope combined measurements from radio observatories on four separate continents.

"The shadow of the black hole is almost circular, which is consistent with our simulations".

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