Ethiopian Airlines crew 'followed rules, unable to control jet'

Ethiopian Airlines crew 'followed rules, unable to control jet'

Ethiopian Airlines crew 'followed rules, unable to control jet'

Both planes were relatively new 737 MAX 8 aircraft and both displayed similar flight behavior just prior to the crash, indicating that the MCAS system may have been linked to both crashes.

Investigators from France and America are assisting in the probe.

"Obviously what these families want is compensation for their loved ones who died during that unfortunate crash and what we seek to do is file claims against the manufacturer of the aircraft because clearly from what we have, the aircraft had problems with its system that led to the crash", said Velasquez.

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An investigation into the Lion Air flight suggested the system malfunctioned, and forced the plane's nose down more than 20 times before it crashed into the sea, reported BBC News.

- US lawmakers said on March 14 the 737 MAX could be grounded for weeks to upgrade software in every plane.

The investigation, staffed by Ethiopian, U.S. and European safety experts, has pitted Boeing's reputation for technical quality against a successful, modern African airline that's a symbol of pride for Ethiopia. A final report on the crash is due within a year.

Ethiopian Airlines said its crew had followed all the correct guidance to handle a hard emergency.

The release of the report came after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a review of the certification of the automated flight control system on the 737 MAX.

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The flight crew had the required training and experience to fly the aircraft. She added that an worldwide team investigating the crash includes the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S., France's BEA and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. Boeing declined to comment pending its review of the report on the March 10 crash.

Ethiopia urged Boeing to review its flight control technology and said pilots of the state carrier had carried out proper procedures in the first public findings on the crash. Boeing was close to a software fix when the Ethiopian Airlines jet went down.

"If pilots sit there and follow the rules that have been given to them by the manufacturer, then they should be able to rely on the fact that they are correct", Hasse said.

However, the plane experienced "uncommanded nose-down conditions" after takeoff. Air travelers have been forced to reschedule canceled flights and airlines are losing money while their new planes remain parked on the ground until further notice.

Passengers included 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine Ethiopians and eight Americans. Many of them were travelling to a United Nations conference in Nairobi.

Last week, it was revealed that USA and European Union regulators had known for at least two years of irregularities with aircraft nose-angle control in the Boeing 737 MAX fleet, especially in the conditions which led to the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Investigations are also looking at the role of the Federal Aviation Administration in the US, which certified the Max in 2017, and declined to ground it after the first deadly crash in October. The later they shut it off, the less time they had to recover, he said. That changed the flying characteristics in a way that the engineers thought required the additional system to prevent stalls.

"We will analyze whether other problems were existing on this aircraft", he said.

Meanwhile, Fanta said: "There was no interference from anyone in the investigation".

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