MPs vote 313 to 312 in favour of Brexit delay

MPs vote 313 to 312 in favour of Brexit delay

MPs vote 313 to 312 in favour of Brexit delay

United Kingdom lawmakers have finally agreed on something related to Brexit.

A number of Conservative backbenchers also attempted to hold an unofficial vote of no confidence in their party leader on Wednesday, but were blocked by party authorities.

"May's announcement came after a seven-hour meeting of her fractious Cabinet, which can be split between supporters of a" tender Brexit" that keeps close financial ties with the European Union, also Brexiteers who believe that a no-deal departure is much better than compromising.

Battles over Brexit have worn down British MPs, who are now being offered counseling to cope with the "extraordinary pressure" they have been under.

However, he will face a dilemma over whether to push for any deal to be put to a public vote through a second referendum, a key demand of many senior figures in his party and many of its members. May and her ministers "have signalled" that they are so opposed to a default, no-deal Brexit on 12 April that they "will begin a process that could blow up the Tory Party".

But she faced an onslaught from her own side that casts doubt over the Prime Minister's ability to hold the Conservative Party together if she reaches a soft Brexit compromise with Mr Corbyn.

We'll get top-sliced and bottom-sliced by those who don't want any Brexit - and those who want a Ukip version of Brexit.

Tweaking her deal to adopt a customs union, which would ensure seamless trade in goods with the EU, could gain May valuable votes in Parliament.

Her divorce deal with the other 27 European Union nations has been rejected three times by parliament and patience is wearing thin in Brussels as an April 12 deadline to end Britain's 46-year membership nears with no agreement in sight. Its passage through the House of Lords on Thursday - where there is a clear pro-EU majority - is likely to be less fraught than in the Commons, where Brexiteers reacted with anger at its narrow passage.

The two leaders said they hoped cross-party talks in London aimed at finding a compromise Brexit deal would succeed.

The strategy provoked fury in her own party.

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The only way May will get Labour support is if she embraces a softer form of Brexit than the one she has described for nearly three years since Britain voted to leave the EU.

European leaders will continue deciding how to respond to Brexit, with Ireland's prime minister, Leo Varadkar, hosting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dublin later.

The 25 lawmakers, nearly all from areas which voted to leave the European Union in a 2016 referendum, said the talks "represent a real opportunity" for Corbyn, a way to get a deal which would meet Labour's demands for a Brexit that protected workers' rights. "That is not the Brexit my constituents were promised, and it is contrary to the pledge we made in our manifesto", Adams wrote. Eurosceptic MPs have been horrified with her offer.

The latest round of talks came after lawmakers tried to safeguard against a doomsday ending to the 46-year partnership by fast-tracking a bill yesterday night seeking to delay Brexit.

Speaking in 10 Downing Street after a marathon session of Cabinet lasting over seven hours, Mrs May said that any further delay to Brexit should be "as short as possible".

There were signs of divisions in Labour, too.

Corbyn is also wary of striking a deal and being seen to help deliver a Conservative-led Brexit, although he is also concerned that calling for a second referendum could damage Labour's standing in the polls.

He said individuals with a public platform had a responsibility to speak in a way "that is temperate and is not in any way going to inflame people's views".

May received a boost when a move by some lawmakers to take control of business in the House of Commons for a third round of votes on Brexit options was blocked. The vote had finished at 310-310. Speaker John Bercow cast his vote with the noes.

On Wednesday, a vote in the House of Commons ended in a tie, for the first time in a quarter of a century. He said that was in keeping with the principle that "it is not for the chair to create a majority that otherwise doesn't exist".

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