Donald Trump: Chant 'Finish the Wall' Instead of 'Build the Wall'

Donald Trump: Chant 'Finish the Wall' Instead of 'Build the Wall'

Donald Trump: Chant 'Finish the Wall' Instead of 'Build the Wall'

Trump later told reporters that the 17-member conference committee meeting to hash out a fiscal 2019 Department of Homeland Security funding compromise was "not going to work" and that he won't "waste my time reading what they have" if Democrats won't accept any wall money.

Trump has been unpredictable in the shutdown debate, mixing softer rhetoric about a multifaceted approach to border security with campaign-style bluster about the wall.

The president repeatedly said portions of wall are already being constructed based on money that Congress did approve in 2017 and 2018. Trump has signaled that a peace deal would allow the United States to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after 17 years of war triggered by the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Lawmakers caution that if Trump declares an emergency, future Democratic presidents might do the same for issues they favour that Congress derails.

President Trump claimed Ryan went "lame duck" after the move, and lost his influence on Capitol Hill. "So they come into areas where you don't have the barriers", Trump said.

"Well, we have very strong legal standing", he said.

"The chant should be now, "Finish the wall" because we're building a lot of wall", he said to reporters during an event at the White House on Friday.

"I'll continue to build the wall, and we'll get the wall finished", he added.

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House Democrats on Thursday provided a detailed offer that would provide no funds for border barriers, though it shows the party is willing to provide billions in new money for technology and personnel.

Trump also touted what he said were his successes in Syria, where he has alarmed allies by abruptly announcing a withdrawal of USA troops assisting local forces against the Islamic State group, and in North Korea.

"Just digging your heels in and saying, 'You're not getting a dime to replace, to fix or, God forbid, to expand the over 600 miles of fencing, barrier and wall that already exist is pure spite on Nancy Pelosi's part", Rivera said on "Fox & Friends" Friday.

However, there already are vehicle barricades known as Normandy fencing along the border, and, Pelosi said, "if the president wants to call that a wall, he can call it a wall". It would significantly boost spending for scanners at ports of entry, humanitarian aid for apprehended migrants, and new aircraft and ships to police the U.S. -Mexico border.

Trump had made similar comments in a New York Times interview published Thursday. I knew he wanted at all to himself.

The majority of the money Trump raised during the period came from donors giving sums of $200 or less, the campaign said.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls face a bruising and expensive primary battle, and they are far behind Trump's fundraising haul.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that Republicans on the committee are "wasting their time". "It's a lose-lose-lose situation".

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