Ariana Grande 'Fixes' Botched Tattoo to 'Japanese Barbecue Finger'

Ariana Grande 'Fixes' Botched Tattoo to 'Japanese Barbecue Finger'

Ariana Grande 'Fixes' Botched Tattoo to 'Japanese Barbecue Finger'

While the tattoo is likely to fade away after some time due to its location, it appears Ariana will be stuck with her beloved "tiny charcoal grill" for a bit longer.

In order to fix the error, Grande has paid another visit to tattoo artist Kane Navasard, and on Wednesday, she uploaded a new photo of the updated ink. After fans pointed out the pop singer's Japanese tattoo was misspelled, she attempted to correct the problem-but it's still wrong.

The singer recently got a tattoo in Japanese that's supposed to say "7 Rings", after her latest single.

One day later, her opinion seems to have changed. BuzzFeed explains that if read left to right instead, it would translate into "charcoal BBQ grill finger (heart)". Online reported. "It hurt like f*** n still looks tight". It actually read "七輪", which translates to "shichirin" or small charcoal grill in English.

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"If I miss it enough, I'll suffer thru the whole thing next time", she said, later writing "Pls leave me and my tambourine grill alone. thank u".

Grande took to Instagram to show off the correction.

She got the tattoo despite facing some pretty serious backlash for the song, with fans accusing the 25-year-old songstress of stealing it from rapper Princess Nokia. Ariana, however readily accepted the mistake and was seen trying to fix up her already imprinted tattoo on the palm of her hand. Welcome to the club, Ariana Grande! "Miss u man. I actually really liked u".

Ariana Grande also apologized to her fans for the blunder caused by her and she also consulted with a friend who happens to fluent in Japanese language regarding the fixing of the tattoo.

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