USA government shutdown becomes longest in history

USA government shutdown becomes longest in history

USA government shutdown becomes longest in history

Graham said that in his conversation with Trump, the president indicated he would support "wall plus", meaning other immigration policies that so far congressional leaders in both parties haven't embraced and are seen as likely to further complicate the talks. Almost 42 percent of subjects say they support a wall, which is up from 34 percent in January 2018. A slight majority of Americans (54 percent) oppose the idea, down from 63 percent a year ago. The problem with that suggestion, Graham said, is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is saying no to a border wall.

Graham said he thinks Trump is willing to accept the level of wall funding he is seeking, along with some immigration measures Democrats might find acceptable, such as helping immigrants who were illegally brought to the children. Thirteen percent said both equally are at fault.

Eight Republicans also broke rank to vote with the Democrats last week to restore funding to the Treasury Department and the IRS.

Democrats countered that it was critical for Mueller to be allowed to complete his probe into whether Trump or his campaign worked on behalf of Russian interests.

Democrats and the president remain at loggerheads. The president believes that Hispanic Democrats will see that the party hasn't secured DACA protections and they will switch to the GOP as a result.

On Monday the partial shutdown enters its 24th day.

Trump already has threatened to withhold disaster-recovery approved in the wake of California wildfires.

A Republican lawmaker advising President Donald Trump said he is encouraging the president to reopen the government for several weeks to continue negotiating with Democrats over funding for a U.S. -Mexico border wall before the president takes the more drastic step of declaring a national emergency. As of this weekend, there is still no clear path ahead to end the shutdown.

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In spite of Trump's claims to the contrary, it would appear that the President has no real plan beyond simply waiting for someone else to save him from himself.

Partisan differences also shape the choices ahead.

There has been some talk that Trump will declare a national emergency in order to fund the wall, but if he chooses not to go down that route, it is seeming very unlikely that Democrats will concede much to his demands, even less so now that this poll puts things in their favor.

In addition, 52 percent of respondents said that they did not consider the situation at the US-Mexico border to be a crisis, with only 45 percent describing it as one.

Late Sunday, Trump issued a series of tweets quoting an editorial by conservative commentator Pat Buchanan in which Buchanan called for Trump to use executive authority to declare a national emergency to get the money he wants for wall construction. The White House scuttled efforts to reach a deal on Capitol Hill on Thursday, and Trump's budget team is drawing up contingency plans for a shutdown that extends through the end of February, according to an administration official.

The president faces sizable opposition from the public were he to do so.

But Trump has turned his single-minded push for more walls into a political crusade that opponents say is a stunt to stoke xenophobia in his right-wing voter base while willfully ignoring the border's complex realities.

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