Floyd Mayweather stops Tenshin Nasukawa in exhibition

Floyd Mayweather stops Tenshin Nasukawa in exhibition

Floyd Mayweather stops Tenshin Nasukawa in exhibition

On December 31st, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather came out of retirement once again to fight kick boxing legend Tenshin Nasukawa and he made easy work of him in the first round with three knockdowns.

Mayweather then thanked the Japanese public who he called "amazing" during his trip and reiterated that he is definitely retired from the sport of boxing. "I'm still retired, I'm still 50-0, and Nasukawa is still undefeated and a hell of a fighter". "Tenshin is still a champion and a great fighter". The two took part in an exhibition fight that was clouded in uncertainty as to whether or not it was ever going to really happen.

This was just an odd matchup and fight when it was announced.

RIZIN's Nobuyuki Sakakibara said prior to the event that Nasukawa would wear 8oz. gloves and Mayweather would wear 10oz. gloves for the bout, while there will be no judges.

Floyd Mayweather teaches Tenshin Nasakuwa a boxing lesson
Floyd Mayweather teaches Tenshin Nasakuwa a boxing lesson

"I want to say thanks to god for the turnout, my team, thank you to Mayweather productions and all the entertainment teams,"Mayweather said". This don't go on my record - this don't go on Tenshin's record.

"What if I told you I was making $9,000,000 for nine minutes of sparring in Tokyo, Japan", he wrote on his official page.

Mayweather, a legend in the boxing world, has a flawless 50-0 record with 27 knockouts.

Now, the questions are will the undefeated legendary boxer step back into the boxing ring, entertain another possible MMA bout under boxing rules or finally be done with the fight game for good?

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