Rockstar announces Red Dead Online beta launch dates

Rockstar announces Red Dead Online beta launch dates

Rockstar announces Red Dead Online beta launch dates

November 27, 2018: Red Dead Redemption Ultimate Edition owners can begin playing through the online mode.

- Friday, November 30: All players who played Red Dead Redemption 2 between October 26th to October 29th according to our data. Rockstar has confirmed to Variety that Red Dead Online's official beta is launching this month, though the specific day you can get in will vary depending on how recently you've played the game. Anyone who plays the game on November 26th will get access on Wednesday, those who played between October 26th and October 29th will be able to jump in on Thursday, and finally, everyone with a copy of the game will have a chance to join the Red Dead Online beta on Friday.

For those who belong to the two groups in the middle, you'll need to be signed into your PSN account and your Rockstar Social Club account.

This staggered beta release is likely Rockstar's way of reducing server load on launch; which may give its engineers time to catch with the massive amount of players Red Dead Online will undoubtedly draw in.

It's still early days, but it'll be very interesting to see how Red Dead Redemption 2 develops as Online becomes an influence. Whatever the case may be, as mentioned above, all that matters is what it signals: and that's that Red Dead Online is imminent.

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Are you excited to form a posse and ride into towns with your online friends as outlaws? Or will Rockstar base most of Red Dead's post-launch content around an online theme?

If you want to play solo, that's absolutely fine. Will it be similar to the online of Red Dead Redemption? Considering Red Dead Online will only support 32 players at launch, you should temper expectations.

What can players do in Red Dead Online aside from bashing each other's heads in?

Players can hunt, fish and create a camp, and of course visit all the locations on the map that were in Red Dead Redemption 2. Will it be better than GTA Online? From there, the site will verify your hard work and reward you with a coupon for a free Western Whopper.

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