Florida Voters Approve Restoration Of Felon Voting Rights

Florida Voters Approve Restoration Of Felon Voting Rights

Florida Voters Approve Restoration Of Felon Voting Rights

Any effort to implement sports gambling will now require a 60-percent majority vote from state residents.

All U.S. states except for ME and Vermont bar felons from voting while they are incarcerated, but most restore that right when the inmate is released or following a period of parole or probation.

The initiative, called the Voting Restoration Amendment, was approved for placement on the November 6 ballot in January when a group called Floridians for a Fair Democracy obtained the needed 766,200 to get it there.

Florida's current Senate race between Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson may be headed for an automatic recount, with Scott leading Nelson by only 30,000 votes as of Wednesday night. This is another example of the extent to which some groups on the right, as well as politicians, have worked across the aisle on these issues, although the extent to which they have been successful has been limited due to the fact that these issues still face opposition from some conservatives as well as so-called "law and order" supporters. Amendment 4 was one of 13 ballot initiatives that Floridians considered this year, but it has received the most national attention, as it enfranchises the largest population in USA history since women's suffrage. Academics studying ex-felon voting report that anywhere between single digits to 35 percent of these eligible voters cast ballots.

The group Floridians for a Fair Democracy gathered more than 1.1 million signatures on a petition to put Amendment 4 on the ballot.

The ballot initiative for Amendment 4 to Florida's Constitution could majorly affect future elections in the swing state, which has been known for its very tight voting outcomes.

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Fifteen states on Tuesday held 20 ballot initiatives related to voting and elections, including statewide measures for new redistributing systems, voting requirements and ballot access, voting rights of felons, and campaign finance initiatives.

MA approved Question 2, an initiative to create an advisory commission for any US Constitutional amendments regarding corporate personhood and political spending. Today we have one shot to Vote #YesOn4 and end 150 years of Florida's broken voting restoration system... An estimated 18 percent of black voting-age Floridians had been disenfranchised under the previous system, according to the Sentencing Project.

After Jan. 8, the next hurdle will be persuading folks to register to vote.

Ahead of Election Day, the Dolphins urged Florida voters to vote "no" on the Amendment 3, arguing that the measure would "effectively block any chance for legal sports betting in Florida". Now, they say, they need to get people to vote. "As we saw with the turnout yesterday, turnout was up, but it wasn't up uniformly".

"I am a changed individual".

The restoration of voting rights to people who have served their sentence and completed any necessary probation has become an increasingly central part of the overall criminal justice reform movement that has created some unlikely political alliances on the national and state level.

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