Fox News scolds Sean Hannity for appearing at Trump campaign rally

Fox News scolds Sean Hannity for appearing at Trump campaign rally

Fox News scolds Sean Hannity for appearing at Trump campaign rally

"This was NOT planned".

"He added that he hadn't meant to smear his reporter colleagues at Fox, some of whom were present at the event, when he slammed the media from the rally stage, calling all the reporters there "fake news". He was speaking before a frantic final day of campaigning that included rallies in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, where he was introduced by radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

Fox News resisted Monday when the Trump campaign had advertised to its followers that Hannity would appear as a "special guest" at the Missouri rally, saying Hannity was only there to cover the event.

And then Hannity directed viewer attention to what he described as an "op-ed on Fox News" allegedly written by Trump, which essentially said, according to Hannity, "If you want continued prosperity, continue this administration" and vote Republican on Tuesday.

Fox News canceled a planned Sean Hannity appearance at a Tea Party rally in Cincinnati in 2010. When he was featured in a 2016 Trump campaign video, Fox told him to never do it again.

"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats", Trump tweeted.

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Critics have claimed that Fox News Channel is less of a news organization than an arm of the Trump campaign, and Monday's rally gave them fresh ammunition. The response was that Hannity is "an opinion talk-show host". Hannity described his role as that of an "advocacy journalist" during an interview in 2017. Hannity tweeted earlier "in spite of reports", he was just doing a live show and "will not be on stage campaigning with the President". "We're driving them insane".

"There's a woman on Saturday night who treats us very well", Trump said, praising Pirro's fiery opening monologues as "always brilliant". As pointed out by the New York Times, Fox News has taken steps to avoid such a situation in the past.

The president's post-election readout showed his determination to put a positive spin on midterms that will bring an end to GOP control of Congress and open him to Democratic-led investigations in the House. And on Wednesday, he said she deserves to be House speaker.

At this point, if you're still working for Fox News, you don't have the right to be aghast or shocked at anything the network does.

President Donald Trump paused his Missouri rally after a woman fainted on November 5.

"People throughout the company think a new line was crossed", one senior Fox News employee told CNN Business, one of a half-dozen Fox employees who spoke anonymously to the rival network.

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