Activision Stock Plunges as Gamers Seethe Over Diablo Immortal

Activision Stock Plunges as Gamers Seethe Over Diablo Immortal

Activision Stock Plunges as Gamers Seethe Over Diablo Immortal

However, Cheng, too, fell short of invoking the magic words "Diablo 4".

After a disastrous reveal of a new mobile game - Diablo Immortal - at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard has reiterated that there are more Diablo titles in development.

Since then, Blizzard has processed the fan reaction and backlash, and have responded to it via an interview with Kotaku. That hope was despite the fact that Blizzard had put out a statement ahead of BlizzCon saying that no major Diablo announcements would be made during the conference. Diablo Immortal will also feature integration. "Blizzard has said now, that they are working on multiple Diablo projects". 'With their incredible passion for Diablo and proven mobile expertise, the development team has spawned an ultra-responsive and breathtakingly lovely mobile game, and we can't wait for players to get their hands-on it'.

"We were looking at this 20-year period in between Diablo II, Lord of Destruction, and Diablo III, and we said, 'All these events happened, so we should take a look at creating a game that explores that space in time, '" he added. Less so in the West, but we're now starting to see some games that are bringing that mechanic to the West.

In a very level-headed, not at all out of proportion move, some have even started a petition to have Diablo Immortal cancelled, because if they aren't getting the game they want, no other new game in the series should exist. You can actually pre-register for the game right now by going to the Diablo Immortal website. All of these narratives came to a head earlier today when Kotaku reported that Diablo 4 is real and was initially part of the Blizzard's BlizzCon presentation.

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0commentsThere's still a lot of doubt behind Immortal, but hopefully Blizzard will have more answers for us soon.

What do you make of Diablo Immortal though?

So this past weekend wasn't the greatest one for Blizzard Entertainment. Why they didn't show it off at Blizzcon, however, is beyond me. We didn't get any details on new cards available in the game but it appears each class will receive their own set of legendary cards that will help complement their playstyle.

It seems like Blizzard is riding Red Dead Redemption 2's hype as they revealed a new character for Overwatch named Ashe.

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