Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Nov 1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Nov 1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Nov 1

Ultimate, the company announced that both Ken from Street Fighter and Incineroar from Pokemon will be joining the roster.

Ultimate Direct presentation revealed on Thursday that the Super Smash Bros.

A third character was also announced in the form of a Piranha Planet (who transforms into Petey Piranha as his Final Smash) but he's a pre-order bonus and won't be available until a few months after the game's release.

The Spirits Mode was also shown, which entails certain differently powdered characters from Nintendo history giving fighters extra abilities, sort of like Super Smash Bros.

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A Fighters Pass is the alternative for $24.99 as it comes with all five fighters, stages and all their music tracks.

You'll get a free DLC taster in the form of Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros., but only if you buy the game before January 31. But it does contain a Mii Fighter outfit, and Xenoblade Spirits and music from the Xenoblade Chronicles. Nintendo says Sakurai wants to "keep this a secret" until launch.

They can also be used to power up amiibo characters. You pick a main spirt and then they can have three additional spirits themselves - allowing a seemingly huge amount of customisation.

It all seems extremely complicated, although as ever Smash Bros. offers every conceivable option to turn off features you're not interested in. After a pretty epic intro that shows off how Master Hand managed to create his evil army of Smash roster clones, the clip panned to several attractive looking world maps, stat screens and talent trees.

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