Obama Slams Trump In Not So Subtle Way

Obama Slams Trump In Not So Subtle Way

Obama Slams Trump In Not So Subtle Way

"I miss you, too", he told the roaring crowd.

Obama also took issue with Republicans who have been saying that they will protect patients with pre-existing conditions while threatening to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. But then, Trump recalled, "We started to like each other, then we started to love each other".

Republicans in power want you to feel cynical.

He said that there was only one way to control abuses of power and that was the voters, adding that Trump's pressuring US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to pursue political rivals is not what should be done in the US but rather is typical of some "dictatorships".

The 66-year-old retired cabinet maker volunteered to canvass neighborhoods for Democrats in July after deciding "there's gotta be something more to life than sitting around on my ass all day watching CNN and getting upset at what's going on around the country".

He's particularly focused on Nevada's Senate race, one of the tightest in the country. In Nevada, early voting is already underway. Dean Heller, and energize voters in the swing state who delivered big for Democrats in 2016 but stayed home during the midterm elections in 2014.

After three full days of voting, it's not quite clear which party has the upper hand.

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Veteran Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston cautioned that things may yet change as GOP.

He added, "If you do not think it is important to vote, look at what the Republicans have done these past two years".

In a speech to Nevada Democrats, Mr. Obama derided Mr. Trump, without naming him in that clip, as merely being handed off a booming economy by the previous president and contrasted that with his own inheritance on the economy.

Former President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail two weeks before the midterm elections, appearing Monday at a rally at the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus to boost Democrats up and down the ballot.

For her part, Rosen is trying to channel anti-Trump energy into votes. Additionally, during many of these downturns, Congress was at least partly controlled by Democrats.

The policy has since been challenged by criticism from rights groups after it resulted in the incarceration of scores of children who were separated from their families at the border.

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