Vice president visits Jacksonville, urges Floridians to vote for Ron DeSantis

Vice president visits Jacksonville, urges Floridians to vote for Ron DeSantis

Vice president visits Jacksonville, urges Floridians to vote for Ron DeSantis

Gillum, who would be the state's first black governor if elected, faced off against DeSantis on stage Wednesday as the former congressman was grilled on his ties to neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Gillum was referring to a sizable donation DeSantis had received from GOP megadonor Steven M. Alembik, who, as Politico reported back in September, had tweeted out racial slurs against former President Barack Obama.

The candidates for governor concluded their second and final debate before the November 6 election on Wednesday evening, a contentious affair that got personal and was a described in the Miami Herald as "an old fashioned WWF cage match".

But, they repeatedly returned to personal attacks in the process, suggesting the race has turned into an all-out verbal brawl as the candidates enter the home stretch of an election that has drawn national attention as something of a proxy to larger political headwinds in America.

Chestnut, who is black, said she believes the call was "specifically created to intimidate me and any other African-Americans that hold a leadership role". "I arrived at the theater and received my ticket from my brother", Gillum said.

By the way, DeSantis wasn't doing himself any favors in the debate.

Gillum said the released text messages only further validate his claims that his brother Marcus was the one who gave him his ticket to Hamilton. "I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist", Gillum said in a retort that quickly went viral.

The trips to Costa Rica and New York City came to light after the FBI investigation broke into the open in June 2017.

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Gillum has maintained that he believed his brother, and not the undercover agent, "Mike Miller", paid for the ticket.

Shawn Kinsey, chairman of the Polk County Democratic Party, said the robocall, which was left on his voicemail, was "disgusting" and "took me aback".

"I should have asked more questions to make sure that everything that transpired was above board", Gillum said, before quickly trying to switch topics.

Opposition to Israel is "nothing more than warmed over anti-Semitism", DeSantis said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

"Why would an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent posing as a contractor give him a $1,000 ticket to "Hamilton"?" he asked.

DeSantis, moreover, painted his opponent as an extremist who signed a "radical manifesto" by a group called Dream Defenders, which favors ending investment in Israel and has been critical of police and US foreign policy. "So that is wrong, and he has not told the truth about any of that", DeSantis said.

"In the state of Florida we have 99 issues, and Hamilton ain't one of them".

The candidates also had stark differences on issues. In a statement, Kise said that his client chose to release the records since they would eventually become public once the investigation is over. DeSantis said he wanted to target government action at people who should not have guns instead of law-abiding citizens. A note next to it said, "HOLD ON BILLING".

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