What Does the Trump Administration's Transgender Policy Mean for America?

What Does the Trump Administration's Transgender Policy Mean for America?

What Does the Trump Administration's Transgender Policy Mean for America?

"The Trump administration can't just wave a wand and negate decades of medical science and court decisions", Sean Cahill, director of health policy research at The Fenway Institute, a renowned hub for LGBTQ health research, told INSIDER.

According to a Department of Health and Human Services memo obtained by the New York Times, the Administration is considering adopting a narrow definition of gender as an immutable characteristic determined by one's genitalia at birth.

Aside from its legal and political implications, the proposed definition of sex also doesn't line up with biological realities, as some researchers and doctors have pointed out in the days since the New York Times report.

Ortiz said some young people are taking the news of the Trump proposal harder than their elders; she cited an 18-year-old transgender girl in her youth group.

The Cabinet agency had acknowledged months ago it was working to rewrite a federal rule that bars discrimination in health care based on "gender identity".

The Obama administration enacted regulations and followed court rulings that protected transgender people from discrimination, upsetting religious conservatives.

The proposed definition would be inserted into title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination in education.

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Groups that have been advocating for an official return to a biological foundation of sexuality are applauding the news of a potential rule change.

Hillary Clinton tweeted her support, writing: "This is an attack on the humanity of transgender people and it can not stand. Let's send a clear message that we won't sit back and allow this type of discrimination in two weeks at the ballot box". "We hope that he will continue to re-assert the pre-eminence of scientific research and genetic evidence in matters relating to gender".

The Obama administration filed a notice of appeal on October 20, 2016, and later asked O'Connor to reconsider the nationwide application of his order.

Sunday, Hallquist said, "Wow".

This news has sparked outrage across the country, with many activists protesting the Trump administration in Washington, D.C. and on social media. If the Justice Department considers the revised definition legally viable and enforceable, HHS can then approve and implement it as policy across a range of government agencies involved with Title IX enforcement. "It is constitutionally inappropriate for federal bureaucrats to interpret the term in a way not intended by Congress. But until the legislature takes that step, "sex" should be interpreted to mean 'sex'".

"I think federal policy ought to conform to reality, and the Trump administration ought to be commended there", Doyle said, adding that the government should not "recognize a subjective and arbitrary claim of gender change". A 2016 guidance further invoked Title IX in which it required schools to allow transgender students to use the facilities of their chosen gender. The Department of Health and Human Services is leading an effort to adopt a narrow interpretation of sex discrimination under USA civil rights law that does not include "sexual orientation" or "gender identity".

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