Xero champions mental health awareness and support in the workplace

Xero champions mental health awareness and support in the workplace

Xero champions mental health awareness and support in the workplace

Marking Mental Health Day on Wednesday, the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) is focusing on the psychological well-being of young people aged 10 to 14, to stave off conditions that can impact their lives deep into adulthood. "It is for this reason that there can be no sustainable development without attention to mental health", said Commission joint lead editor Professor Vikram Patel of Harvard Medical School.

'Every suicide is a preventable death and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the tragedy of suicide'.

According to Dr Alhassan, the Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA) participates actively in the celebration of the World Mental Health Day annually.

Worldwide, it is estimated that one in five adolescents experience mental health challenges, though most remain underdiagnosed and undertreated, United Nations news stated.

"He has been very clear that this is what worked for him and not necessarily that it will work for everyone; life with a mental illness looks very different for different people", she says. This includes issues of comorbidity in the context of chronic disease management in general health care.

"Most of them indeed are, but much less so than we used to think".

"Mental health is the foundation of human capability that makes each life worthwhile and meaningful".

Also, despite the Mental Health Care Bill 2016 mandating state governments make mental healthcare affordable for all, the cost of treatment continues to be high and beyond the reach of the common man.

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Today is World Mental Health Day and sometimes it can be really hard to ask for help, but there is always someone around to listen. This was stated in a newly released Lancet Commission report on mental health.

One in four people in the United Kingdom suffer from this illness and I really hope this campaign will continue to extend the conversation about how important good mental health is, and how urgently we need the government to pour money into mental health resources - the county's crying out for it. The forum was launched 12 years ago by the Community Alliance for Healthy Minds to provide the community with support, education, resources and stigma-reducing strategies about treating mental illness and suicide prevention.

"There are few greater examples than the injustices facing those with mental health conditions".

A new survey of adults in the Midlands conducted for PHE also shows almost three quarters (73%) of people in the East Midlands report experiencing one or more of low mood, anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping frequently or occasionally.

Mental health problem among children and youth remains a neglected sector globally.

"When we get this right, our people go from functioning to flourishing, which means that everyone inside Xero is set up to play to their strengths and do their best work".

Have you ever thought that the maid who works in your home, the sweeper who keeps your lane clean, and the rickshaw-puller who takes you places needs mental health treatment support?

He said millions of people are caught up in conflict and disasters, putting them at risk of a range of long-term mental health problems.

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