Facebook announces new Oculus Quest VR headset

Why it matters: Oculus and Facebook have been trying for years to convince consumers that VR is the next big computing platform, but the market for the technology is still tiny.

The Oculus Quest is a self-contained piece of hardware - no PC or phone required - much like the Oculus Go, the $199 United States dollars mobile headset that debuted earlier this year.

The headset itself has a more HTC Vive-ish build and comes with a brand new pair of hand-controllers.

Additionally, Oculus Quest will ship with a full set of touch controllers, similar to the Oculus Rift, where Go only ships with a single controller that is more akin to a remote than a full game controller.

Oculus vice president Hugo Barra said Quest combined the capabilities of Rift and the portability of Go, the current headgear in the company's lineup, with a strong focus on games. Especially considering that the VR headset is completely wireless and standalone, it's going to be a massive step forward for virtual reality.

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To help you get to grips with just what Oculus Quest is, we've put together this breakdown of everything you need to know about Oculus' brand-new VR headset. The built-in audio is improved from the Go, with deeper bass.

The headset from Facebook's Oculus division will be a stand-alone device that won't require a smartphone or a connection to a personal computer to create artificial worlds.

Oculus hasn't confirmed all the tech specs for the Quest as of yet, but taking a guess as to the thermal and power limitations of a standalone device of the Quest's size, the Oculus team are undoubtedly incorporating Asynchronous Spacewarp and Asynchronous Timewarp technologies to reduce the hardware demand. These sensors also allow Quest to go beyond roomscale, with Oculus saying it can go into a 4,000 square feet room. This should mean, once hardware requirements have been factored in, most Oculus Rift games make the jump over to Oculus Quest.

The Quest would be different because, according to Oculus, the headset will be much more capable, while pumping content out at a higher-than-typical resolution of 1600 x 1440 per eye (the Daydream and Go headset both have a resolution of 1280 x 1440 per eye).

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