SpaceX to name first passenger for round-the-moon flight Monday

SpaceX to name first passenger for round-the-moon flight Monday

SpaceX to name first passenger for round-the-moon flight Monday

SpaceX's BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) could well be the most important single vehicle in the history of humankind, should the various predictions about humanity's need to eventually vacate Earth and set up colonies on Mars come true.

The announcement was made at SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, on Tuesday.

The BFR is SpaceX's upcoming two-stage reusable spaceship system that will weigh 9.7 million pounds and be capable of taking a 330,000 pound payload to Mars and lower-Earth orbit (LEO), officials say.

First SpaceX passenger: 'I choose to go to the moon!'

"This is risky. This is not a walk in the park", Elon Musk warned at a crowded press conference at the rocket maker's headquarters near Los Angeles International Airport.

Maezawa - described by SpaceX as a "fashion innovator" and "globally recognized art curator" - will be the first human to embark on a lunar mission since 1972, when the last Apollo mission went down. Well, what sounds like science fiction might soon be a reality, as Elon Musk announced the company's first passenger for the Moon trip.

"It's always been there, it's always been inside of me", Maezawa said, before transitioning to Japanese to say the moon has always "felt like it's protecting me". The trip will be free for the artists he invites along, Maezawa added.

SpaceX will send its first passenger around the moon in a Big Falcon Rocket (seen here in its original form).

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No matter who SpaceX has signed for its "BFR Lunar Mission", the company is hyping it as an epic trip.

SpaceX has established its bona fides in the aerospace business by transporting supplies to the International Space Station and by completing the tricky maneuver of recovering rockets after launch so that they can be reused.

Musk further said that this mission isn't a walk in the park and is risky.

"He is, I think, the bravest person and most willing to do so", Musk said, referring to Maezawa.

He had said that the trip would happen this year and would not involve a landing, but rather a long loop around the moon.

The trip is expected to take several days, and is slated for 2023.

On Monday, Mr Musk unveiled new artist impressions of the BFR and the spaceship which will carry passengers around the Moon.

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