Canada's Freeland to hold NAFTA talks in Washington on Tuesday

Canada's Freeland to hold NAFTA talks in Washington on Tuesday

Canada's Freeland to hold NAFTA talks in Washington on Tuesday

Trump has warned he could try to proceed with a deal with Mexico alone and levy tariffs on Canadian-made cars if Ottawa does not come on board, although US lawmakers have said ratifying a bilateral deal would not be easy. "Having said all of that, nothing is done until everything is done", Freeland told reporters. "I think there will be agreement on NAFTA based on the benefit to all three national economies".

"For this government to go out and be seen as giving too much to the American side on agriculture, and dairy in particular, would be ... nearly suicidal politically", Charest said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned, however, that potential U.S. auto tariffs could be "devastating" for industry in both countries.

Republican Tom Reed, a member of the Committee of ways and means of the House of representatives, said in a television interview broadcast on Sunday that provide a larger market access to u.s. dairy producers could appease president Donald Trump. But as an October 1 deadline to renegotiate NAFTA looms, Canada is prepared to offer similar concessions on the dairy industry to those that it agreed to in free trade deals with the European Union and Pacific Rim nations, the sources said.

Trump has notified Congress he intends to sign the trade deal reached last week with Mexico by the end of November, and officials said the text would be published by around October 1.

US officials have said time is running out to agree on a text that can be signed by American, Canadian and Mexican leaders by November 30, before the current Mexican government leaves office. A study commissioned by the Canadian Embassy says 9 million jobs "spread across every congressional district" are supported by the Canada-U.S. economic partnership.

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His comments echoed Trump, who said on Tuesday that while Ottawa wants a deal, he could go either way, depending on what concessions will come from the talks.

Mexico is also expected to rejoin the talks at some point on Friday, allowing for three-way negotiations to resume after a two-month break. That second level is what the public is witnessing.

"We have all been dealing in good faith", he said. "They've got their full teams engaged on this, and I feel positive they can get to an agreement".

"There's an opportunity to update NAFTA and we're happy to do it, but as I've said it has to be the right deal, it has to be a good deal", he said.

"It's conceivable this could be the first big trade win for President Trump's administration", Orr said. In April 2017, Trump almost withdrew from NAFTA after becoming angered by the plight of Wisconsin dairy farmers whose milk protein exports to Canada had been cut off by the Class 7 pricing scheme. He needs a win on trade and this would be a win on trade.

Interest groups on both sides of the border will ensure that Canada is in the deal - and legally, it would be cumbersome to do a deal that excludes the Canadians.

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