Google investigating issue with blurry fonts on new Chrome 69

Google investigating issue with blurry fonts on new Chrome 69

Google investigating issue with blurry fonts on new Chrome 69

Today, for Chrome's 10th birthday, Google's given its prized web browser a ton of new features, starting with a redesign aimed at speedier browsing.

As for Chrome for desktop, Google has brought the new Material Theme design sporting lighter colours and rounded shapes, even for this version. Interestingly, the iOS app now has the address bar on the bottom of the screen, just like the "Chrome Home" UI that was in development for a year on Android but ultimately cancelled. Chrome has always offered to store your passwords, but now it will warn if you try and use the same password across more than one website.

They are also rolling out a set of new experiments to improve Chrome's startup time, latency, usage of memory, and usability and there's a significant improvement in the the way Chrome handles passwords.

This make website icons easier to see in tabs and will help users on mobile browse faster, said Google.

Google Chrome's Omnibox, its combined search and address bar, will now surface relevant answers to your questions directly in the Omnibox without having to complete a search query. If you have more number of tabs open across three browser windows, you can now search for a website in your Omnibox and Chrome will tell you that its already open and let you open it with "Switch to tab". Lastly, Google Chrome's Omnibox will soon support searching for Google Drive files, as we spotted last month.

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To play the game, either turn off your WiFi and open a new tab, or enter chrome://dino/ In your search bar. It also updated its tabs to make it harder to lose track of a site if you have a bunch open. However you feel, Google is giving Chrome a major visual update to celebrate this milestone. Chrome will save it, and next time you sign in, it'll be there across the plaforms you use Chrome on.

Security has also been beefed up with this latest version of Chrome. The new browser has a simpler look.

This is a great addition as it will remove the requirement of installing an extension to perform this behavior, which many simply track your searchers or perform other unwanted behavior.

Additionally, menus and other design elements have also been simplified, and customizability options allows users to add background images, create custom shortcuts etc. "Already, we're working on integrating augmented reality (AR) into Chrome to bring information that you interact with across the web and put directly into your physical environment", shared Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, VP, Chrome and Chrome OS.

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