Trump continues to bash Canada amid NAFTA negotiations

Trump continues to bash Canada amid NAFTA negotiations

Trump continues to bash Canada amid NAFTA negotiations

Canada has made no agriculture concessions to the United States in bilateral trade talks aimed at reaching deal in principle to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement, a spokeswoman for the United States Trade Representative's office said.

Trumka's comments come after Trump warned Canada on Saturday that it "will be out" of a revised NAFTA deal unless it's "fair" to the US, and threatened to scrap the current deal should Congress "interfere" with the negotiations. In recent days, Trump has used the two countries' cooperation as leverage against Canada, threatening to exclude the new mortal enemy of the U.S from the deal altogether if it doesn't agree to the new framework - which includes conditions on auto manufacturing that the USA had sought in negotiations.

A few weeks ago, the United States began negotiating with Mexico, leaving Canada on the sidelines.

"I think all three countries have worked together very productively and we're getting more and more excited about the results", a senior United States official told reporters. But it's questionable whether Mr. Trump can unilaterally exclude Canada from a deal to replace the three-nation NAFTA agreement, without the approval of Congress. The longstanding trilateral deal was roundly criticized by the protectionist right, as well as the anti-globalization left, particularly for the damage that eliminating tariffs did to the American auto industry. Nevertheless, Canada's chief negotiator, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, said she felt the Trump administration was negotiating in "good faith" and believed "a win-win-win agreement is within reach". I am used to it. He was involved in tough negotiations for the Canada-U.S. "It also seems to be working in Turkey; it seems to be working in Iran; it seems to be working in Russia where the sanctions are really hurting the Russian economy as well".

The president also called the current trade agreement 'one of the worst deals ever made, ' and also threatened to axe the deal if Congress interferes with trade negotiations.

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"So we keep trying to find areas where we can work with him".

But under US trade rules, the USA team doesn't have to make public the text of the revamped agreement for 30 additional days, buying more time to reach a deal with the Canadians.

The president said Saturday on Twitter that there was "no political necessity" to keep Canada in NAFTA. Free Trade Agreement, which preceded NAFTA.

If they can't strike an agreement that is good to the U.S.

"As we've said all week, we're working toward a modernized NAFTA, a modernized NAFTA that will be good for Canada and the middle class", said Cameron Ahmad. But Canada's dairy industry - backed by Quebec politicians of all stripes - is adamant that it won't stand for the government allowing the USA any more market access, saying it has compromised enough on past trade deals with the European Union and Pacific Rim countries.

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