Turkey's lira is rallying after a $15 billion loan from Qatar

Turkey's lira is rallying after a $15 billion loan from Qatar

Turkey's lira is rallying after a $15 billion loan from Qatar

"We've put sanctions on several of their cabinet members, working with you (President Donald Trump), we have more that we're planning to do if they don't release him quickly", Mnuchin told Trump during Thursday's cabinet meeting.

"We feel that Turkey, and specifically President Erdogan, have treated Pastor Brunson - who we know to be a very good person and a strong Christian who's done nothing wrong - very unfairly, very badly", White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday, Kurdistan24 reported.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence continues sending threatening Tweets to Turkey, all the while, the White House says Trump is disappointed with Turkey.

Turks expected Trump to create an obstruction to this conspiracy, yet we see he too has joined it.

Washington's move came during an ongoing dispute over Turkey's holding of an American pastor for two years. He did not elaborate on what measures the United States is willing to take if Turkey continues to play hardball over Brunson.

"President Trump's imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum is about protecting American national security", the spokesperson said.

The U.S. economy is 25 times larger than Turkey's, based on nominal GDP. Erdogan has cast the tariffs, and the sell-off in the lira, as an "economic war" against Turkey.

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In a bid to soothe the markets, Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak went on record on Thursday to reassure investors that Ankara was still in control.

But Washington's move has sent Turkey's financial markets into a tailspin: the Turkish lira plummeted more than 18 per cent at one point last Friday to a record low against the United States dollar.

The problem with the new strategy is that it aims directly towards Apple which remains unaffected as Turkey relies on Apple and not the other way around, according toMashable.

"We will pay nothing for the release of an innocent man, but we are cutting back on Turkey".

Investors said Albayrak's conference call would test whether Turkey can persuade markets that its monetary policy is not hostage to political influence.

"This is what happens when you choose to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds", Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri, a Saudi political analyst and global relations scholar, told Arab News.

Turkey's biggest mobile phone importing companies have cancelled their iPhone orders as Turkish citizens join a move to boycott US products.

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