Disney’s CEO Gives New Details About The New Disney Streaming Service

Disney’s CEO Gives New Details About The New Disney Streaming Service

Disney’s CEO Gives New Details About The New Disney Streaming Service

"We want to walk before we run when it comes to volume of content", Disney CEO Bob Iger told Variety, also hinting that the service will initially undercut Netflix's subscription cost.

Without getting into specifics about how Disney will bifurcate development on all its new goodies between the theater and the living room, Iger emphasized the ongoing importance of feature films, while acknowledging that Fox's new Marvel brands will be vital to the success of its forthcoming digital streaming service.

Come 2019, Disney will do its best Thanos impression and snap their movies up from Netflix. After that, though, all future Marvel Studios superhero films will stream exclusively on Disney's still unnamed service.

There is still some time until Disney's streaming service launches and becomes huge, but it's going to happen an today's earnings call is evidence of it. That ultimately gives Disney more data to gauge its audience. Pretty much, Marvel movies hit Netflix eight or nine months after their theatrical debut, and all that really proves is that Captain Marvel would normally likely hit around November or December 2019...which is perhaps a little after we expected their service to hit. In the piece we get some insight into what Strauss has planned for the service when it launches next year, including one of its most valued properties, Star Wars.

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A lot of details were revealed, though, and here is what we now know about Disney's new streaming service. Old Disney movies and over 5,000 episodes of Disney television shows will fill out the service's offerings. Ahead of Disney's launch of its own streaming service, it's pulling all of its Marvel Studios films from Netflix.

Despite record-breaking box office performances from titles like "The Incredibles 2" and "Avengers: Infinity War", Disney's third-quarter earnings missed analyst projections, the company announced on Tuesday, reporting earnings of $1.87 per share. Excluding one-time items like a benefit from lower federal tax rates, income was $1.87 (roughly Rs. 128) per share.

Disney raised its offer for the assets in June from $52.4bn to $71.3bn and also for the first time made an alternative available to Fox shareholders who would rather receive cash instead of Disney shares.

Disney stock dipped 2% in after-hour trading, falling to $114.31.

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