German couple jailed for selling son, 9, to paedophiles on dark web

German couple jailed for selling son, 9, to paedophiles on dark web

German couple jailed for selling son, 9, to paedophiles on dark web

Following a criminal probe that even seasoned investigators said pushed them to the emotional limit, the regional court in Freiburg sentenced the boy's mother, Berrin Taha, to 12 and a half years in prison.

Berrin T, 48, the boy's mother and his stepfather, Christian L, 39, were sentenced after appearing as witnesses for the prosecution against eight men who raped the boy in separate trials earlier this year.

The Freiburg state court in southwestern Germany convicted the couple of serious sexual abuse of children, 21 counts in his case and 19 in hers.

On Monday, a Spanish man was sentenced to 10 years after he paid the couple in order to abuse the child.

A woman and her partner in southern Germany were on Tuesday (Aug 7) sentenced to jail for selling her young son to paedophiles on the darknet.

They charged several thousand euros (dollars) for each instance of abuse, filmed the acts and posted them on the dark net.

Five other men have also been prosecuted in connection with the abuse.

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The couple and six others were arrested previous year. Christian L. was sentenced to 12 years with preventative detention.

In the following months, the court said, the woman organized assaults on a 2-year-old girl she occasionally looked after.

A German couple was tossed behind bars for 12 years Tuesday for selling custom-made online videos of them sexually abusing their son.

The judges found that the unemployed couple had sexually assaulted the boy, now 10, numerous times and pimped him on the so-called darknet between May 2015 and August 2017.

The mother was often near the scene of the abuse by other men "to exert a calming influence on her child", and in the case of one client participated herself, the court said.

Local authorities have been accused of failing to protect the boy from his abusive parents, after officials removed him from his home, but returned him back weeks later. Officials took the boy out of the family in March past year, but a local court sent him back weeks later.

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