Ford won't say if he will march in Pride parade

Ford won't say if he will march in Pride parade

Ford won't say if he will march in Pride parade

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks at a campaign rally in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 1, 2018.

After disappointing prformances in Ottawa in recent provincial elections, Ontario PC leader Doug Ford says he is confident his slate of "all-star candidates" will turn the region blue.

Should the New Democrats win office after the June 7 election, Ms. Horwath said she would call for an all-party committee to look into the situation. I don't know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won't be me. Horwath's voting pitch - typically seen as Ontario and federal elections move into their final stretches - comes as polls suggest either she or Ford will become Ontario's next premier.

"Over the past year, I have met with 37 governors, I have met with senators, I've met with congresspeople, I've met with senior members of the US administration, all in an attempt to make it clear what our integrated relationship means to workers on both sides of the border", said Wynne, who has been trailing behind her rivals in recent polls.

With a shakey voice, fighting back tears, Liberal party leader Kathleen Wynne threw in the towel.

In 2014 Horwath shifted her party to the centre, right of Wynne, to try to gain some voter traction away from the Tories.

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However, we can get a sense of the complexity of the situation when we realize 39 seats in the last election were won by a Liberal candidate with the NDP in third place.

On specific policies to help companies scale up, the Liberal Party said that it would develop a strategy protecting Ontarian IP, while the NDP wants to develop a "cluster strategy" that would bring together "all actors within a strategic regional industry, such as local small and medium-sized businesses, large anchor organizations, their suppliers, local colleges and universities, and all levels of government". It's about the people of this province.

She won the NDP leadership in 2009 and since then has played the part of political chameleon, blurring her political stripes depending on what she perceived would win her the most seats.

Voters have a choice between her and her two inexperienced rivals, she said. "I really believe that now the time for talk is done. It's to ensure Doug Ford doesn't [form] a majority government", she said.

"Her request today for a minority government is a demand that she be allowed to continue to hold the power at Queen's Park - something voters have already rejected", Horwath said in a statement.

"The Liberal and NDP campaigns are set up on this idea that there's going to be the first part of the election - which is a primary between the two of them and the victor will then go and fight the Conservatives", Graefe said. If the NDP wins a majority, they'll hike taxes and kill jobs.

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