Reset your home or office internet routers

Reset your home or office internet routers

Reset your home or office internet routers

Resetting your router is typically as simple as pulling the power cord out of the wall, waiting about 30 seconds and then plugging it in again.

In April, U.S. and United Kingdom security agencies warned that Russian cybercriminals have been infecting routers and other devices with malware to gain access to information and intellectual property, ZDNET reported. To do that, use a pen or pencil to hold the reset button on the back of the router.

The VPNFilter malware can effect routers that are made by Linksys, Mikrotik, and Netgear, Symantec said.

"Foreign cyber actors have gotten into hundreds of thousands of wireless routers and they have the potential to obtain a person's information passing through so that is the real threat", Hudson explains.

VPNFilter is malware that targets routers and NAS devices in order to steal files, information, and examine network traffic as it flows through the device.

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VIDEO: How to reboot your router to avoid malware Typically, consumer or small business grade routers do not have anti-virus protection. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation is right, then it already owns the domain that the hackers were using for that payload, meaning the infected routers will reach out to the Department of Justice instead of the Russians.

The cyber infiltration, which The New York Times reported is believed to have come under the direction of Russia's military intelligence agency, affected an estimated 500,000 devices.

The FBI is pleading with Americans to reboot their routers.

Still, "rebooting will remove Stage 2 and any Stage 3 elements present on the device, [temporarily removing] the destructive component of VPNFilter". Doing so can make it harder for attackers to access the vulnerability. With the Department of Justice's actions to take control of at least one of the main command and control nodes, the first stage attack has been somewhat disrupted.

Restart or factory reset notwithstanding, it might be worth checking for an updated firmware for your router forthwith. Routers provide the internet connection for 23 billion devices, including thermostats, video doorbells, refrigerators and home control devices like Alexa.

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