Ireland votes down abortion law by wide margin

Ireland votes down abortion law by wide margin

Ireland votes down abortion law by wide margin

The removal of the Eighth will make it easier for women from Northern Ireland to access abortions, as they will no longer have to travel to mainland UK. Others sang songs in the sunshine outside the main Dublin results center as they awaited the official result. Dublin Central posted 76.5 percent for repeal, while two constituencies in the southern capital of Cork City polled 64 percent and nearly 69 percent.??

Chants of "Yes we did" rose from the crowd as the Referendum Commission's Returning Officer Barry Ryan announced the final results.

How Did Your Constituency Vote?

It is such a resounding victory that campaigners in Ireland are weeping with joy. A hundred years since women got the right to vote. Some said it seemed as if almost everyone on their flights was headed home to vote yes on the repeal.

He said there appears to be "a greater than 2-to-1 majority in favor of amending our constitution".

"Eventually this. will be put to the test here and we will see what happens then", Mr Little said.

Ailbhe Smyth, a veteran campaigner and co-director of Together4Yes, the national pro-repeal group, is one of those women.

Although the referendum was repealed, abortion won't automatically become legal in Ireland.

" He described the vote as "the culmination of a quiet revolution in Ireland".

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Cora Sherlock, a spokeswoman for LoveBoth, an antiabortion campaign, told Irish broadcaster RTE that it "is a very sad day for Ireland, that people have voted for abortion".

Next to her was Rene Wogan, a 66-year-old woman who said she didn't vote in the 1983 referendum - which placed the abortion ban into the constitution - for fear of speaking out against cultural norms of the time. In practical terms, the amendment outlawed all abortions until 2014, when terminations in rare cases when a woman's life was at risk started being allowed.

DUBLIN, Ireland -Early results on Saturday morning are projecting the repeal of the abortion ban in Ireland, a decision pro-life groups are calling tragic and disappointing.

A spokeswoman for May said changing the rules on abortion is a decision that should be taken by a devolved assembly and the government is working to revive the power-sharing agreement.

"There is no prospect of the legislation not being passed", he says.

The government proposes to allow abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy with later terminations allowed in some cases.

Voters in the once deeply Catholic nation were estimated to have backed the change by more than two-to-one, according to two exit polls released on Friday evening, and the government plans to bring in legislation by the end of the year.

Voters were asked whether they wanted to keep or repeal the Eighth Amendment to Ireland's Constitution, which requires authorities to treat a fetus and its mother as equals under the law from the moment of conception.

The exit polls are predictions only, with official results expected Saturday afternoon. Yet even in traditionally conservative Roscommon/East Galway the first tallies from the count showed 57% for yes and 43% for no.

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