Hawaii's Erupting Volcano Looks Even Crazier From Space at Night

Hawaii's Erupting Volcano Looks Even Crazier From Space at Night

Hawaii's Erupting Volcano Looks Even Crazier From Space at Night

Nighttime photos released by the US Geological Survey were taken in the Leilani Estates neighbourhood where the volcano has been sending up lava through vents in the ground.

Methane gas can seep into subsurface voids and explode when heated, emerging from cracks in the ground several feet away from the lava.

It knocked him backward on the third-floor lanai of his neighbour's home on the eastern end of the Big Island, where most people had evacuated amid three weeks of heightened volcanic activity on Kilauea.

Gases, especially sulfur dioxide, and other fumes are being released and these have caused breathing difficulties for people who have inhaled them, but again these problems are confined to the immediate vicinity of Kilauea.

Since Kilauea's massive eruption, rivers of fire have swallowed at least 40 structures, hurled lava through cracks in the earth's surface and devastated livelihoods. One person suffered a leg injury after being struck by a "lava bomb".

"Residents in the affected area should be prepared to take leave of the area with little notice due to gas or lava inundation", the bulletin said.

Intermittent explosions of ash from the summit, driven by underground bursts of steam deep inside the volcano, are occurring about twice a day now. The latest eruption happened Tuesday, Hawaii County's civil defense agency said, spewing toxic gas.

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Ten wells at Puna Geothermal were "quenched", which cools them with cold water, and the last was plugged with mud.

Clinton was the first to suffer a major injury because of the eruption. Lava from the Kilauea volcano is hitting the Pacific Ocean and it's sending laze, a unsafe combination of hydrochloric acid and glass particles, into the air.

NPR's Nathan Rott reports from Pahoa, Hawaii, the volcano has so far sent more than 1,000 residents fleeing from their homes.

Eruptions on Hawaii's big island are now entering the fourth week and one of the world's most active volcanoes is showing no sign of quieting down.

"The experts are telling us there is no danger from the eruptions to anyone outside the areas that have been evacuated", Gov. David Ige said in a statement.

They also used the announcement to warn that lava spatters "can weigh as much as a refrigerator, and even small pieces of spatter can kill".

"It's kind of like, bittersweet", Friend said. "So he's just waiting to get the word so he can move on".

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