FDA Warns That Benzocaine Teething Products Are Not Safe for Children

FDA Warns That Benzocaine Teething Products Are Not Safe for Children

FDA Warns That Benzocaine Teething Products Are Not Safe for Children

Inflammation from teething may also stimulate pain-causing nerves, so reducing inflammation may help relieve baby's pain. The recommendations include using a teething ring made of firm rubber (but not frozen), or to gently rub or massage the child's gums with a finger. You repeat all of the above in what seems like an endless loop of desperation as you attempt to soothe your very uncomfortable little one.

The FDA released a statement urging Americans to avoid buying over-the-counter (OTC) medications containing benzocaine.

The Food and Drug Administration warned parents on Wednesday about the dangers of using teething products that contain the popular numbing agent benzocaine.

The health agency is also asking that companies add warnings for adults and children age 2 and up to oral-health products containing benzocaine, a common ingredient in pain-relieving oral gels, sprays, ointments and lozenges.

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, recently proclaimed about the sunscreen products.

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So what's a desperate parent to do? The products are meant to temporarily alleviate pain in teething babies and children with sore gums.

Companies are being asked to stop marketing and selling these teething products with benzocaine.

Benzocaine is sometimes sold under the brand names Orajel and Anbesol and is an ester local anesthetic, often used as a topical pain reliever or in cough drops.

If manufacturers fail to comply, then the FDA will issue a regulatory action to remove these products from the market. The local anesthetic can cause a condition called methemoglobinemia, which reduces the amount of oxygen in a person's blood and can be life-threatening, according to the FDA. Rapid heart rate, headache, lightheadedness, difficulty in breathing, sleepiness, pale skin, and blue or gray eyes are some of the symptoms of methemoglobinemia. At the time, it estimated that there have been more than 400 cases of benzocaine-associated methemoglobinemia reported to the FDA or published in medical literature since 1971. These can develop in minutes or up to two hours after using the drug. In 2011, the agency warned consumers about the methemoglobinemia potential of the products. Inc., makers of this product based in New Jersey yesterday, they would stop the further production of the four different Orajel teething brands as well as Orajel Medicated Teething Swabs.

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