Trump Lawyer Cohen's Business Partner Flips - to Cooperate With Investigation

Trump Lawyer Cohen's Business Partner Flips - to Cooperate With Investigation

Trump Lawyer Cohen's Business Partner Flips - to Cooperate With Investigation

Poroshenko sought an audience with Trump and directed confidantes to orchestrate it, according to the report, using the Chabad house as a channel to reach Cohen and, through him, the president.

Federal prosecutors in NY are investigating Mr Cohen for possible bank and tax fraud, campaign law violations and perhaps other matters related to Mr Trump's presidential campaign, a source said.

He wanted to open a so-called back channel to Trump because Ukrainian lobbyists in Washington could arrange only a brief photo opportunity and handshake. When Mr. Cohen told Mr. Trump that he believed that Mr. Lewandowski had been behind a negative story about Mr. Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump dismissed the comments as simple jealousy, and didn't pay attention, according to two people familiar with the incident.

Ukraine's leader, Petro Poroshenko, met Trump at the White House past year.

There is no suggestion that Trump was aware of the payment to Cohen, the BBC said.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen denied he was paid by the Ukraine to arrange an Oval Office meeting between its president and Donald Trump.

Mueller's investigation has increasingly focused on Cohen and includes his work on Trump Tower Moscow, his personal business holdings and any payments to women who claimed they had affairs with Trump.

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"But negotiations continued until the early hours of the day of the visit".

Though sources did not suggest that Trump requested Poroshenko "to kill the [Paul] Manafort investigation", the report did cite one Kiev source who stated that Poroshenko offered Trump a gift, which was that the Ukraine would no longer look for information to prove the Trump campaign allegedly colluded with Russian to win the 2016 presidential election.

"The Trump regime responded through its skeletal mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani: "[Trump's] just not involved in the taxis".

"This defendant [Friedman] could potentially have a seismic impact on the president's case because he is a direct threat to Michael Cohen, who is direct threat to the president", he said.

"I can not comment on any speculation regarding what the entry of the plea indicates regarding any case other than my client's", he said. And Michael Cohen happened to be one of his partners in that taxi business.

"I have to assume that maybe there was a discussion of doing this", he said of such an arrangement between Cohen and Ukraine. Several sources told the BBC that Poroshenko authorized the leak of a document from the country's anticorruption agency to The New York Times that appeared to show Manafort being earmarked millions of dollars from Russian interests in Ukraine. Manafort resigned a few days later.

A Ukrainian official said Mr Cohen was paid $US400,000 while another source put the figure at $US600,000 ($796,000), the BBC reported.

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